Interesting Nina Mercedez Facts

Over the years we get a lot of questions about Nina Mercedez. We’ve compiled them all and put them together on a little FAQ page.

I heard that Nina Mercedez was once a Tejano calendar girl, what exactly does that mean?

Tejano is Spanish for Texan and is a term used to indentify individuals of Hispanic descent born and/or living in the state of Texas. The term hit mainstream popularity when it was used in the Jennifer Lopez movie Selena, who was known as the queen of Tejano music.

People often refer to Nina Mercedez as a Latin porn star but what exactly is her heritage?

Nina Mercedez is am American as it gets as she was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas after all. Yes, she’s a Southern Belle. Nina Mercedez heratige is a unique mixture of Mexian and Spanish. Nina’s maternal grandmother is Spanish and her parents are both from Spain. Nina’s ancestry goes back to Mexico on her Dad’s side. In fact, all the way to the Aztec Indians from Mexico City. Nina herself says ***Not Latino. Not Hispanic. Not Mestizos. Not Raza. We are full-blood and mixed-blood Indigenous people of Anahuac. We are Chicana, Chicano, Indigenous human beings. We are Mexica-Azteca, Zapotec, Huichole, Maya, Otomi, and more. We are Anahuac.***

What is the deal with her name? Is it Nina Mercedez or just Mercedez?

When Nina Mercedez began her adult career, she was known simply as Mercedez, including the years she was with Vivid as a Vivid Girl but through the encouragement of her management company and perhaps in light of the lawsuit with Lexus Locklear (now known as Lexi Locklear) over her using the name Lexus, Mercedez became Nina Mercedez.

Is Mercedez married?

Yes, in fact she is married to a man known in the industry as Raymond Balboa (or Ray for short). Raymond Balboa has been in the Adult Industry in one way or another for the last 20 years. Raymond was an industry executive working in the .com and marketing offices of the most prominent adult companies, including Red Light District and Adam and Eve. All of that changed when he met his wife, Nina Mercedez, who at the time was still a Vivid Girl. “Going from the office to in front of the camera was a very big change. But I love performing in front of the camera and now also I love directing. It is so important to me to give consumers the very best XXX product that I possibly can”. Now CEO of Heartbreaker films as well as an actor, director, adult performer and husband of the one and only Nina Mercedez.

Is Nina Mercedez Married?

Is Nina Mercedez retired or still doing porn?

She retired officially from performing a few years ago and now is a full time mother and health and fitness guru. She loves to work out and post workout video clips on her social media account. This is a picture of her from 2015 from one of her workout sessions and below that is from April of 2015, which is just her getting some sun. Clearly retirement agrees with her – she looks more fabulous than ever!

Nina Mercedez 2015

Nina Mercedez April 2015